Fluffy Dodo Birdy

£30.00 On Sale

Dodo Juice’s fluffy mascot, Mr Skittles the Third, is hand made from detailing-grade microfibre, in Mauritius. Yes, that Mauritius. Not the Mauritius in China where most soft toys are made. He used to even have his own Facebook page and lots of ladyfriends following him (the lucky pigeon!) until Mark Zuckerberg got jealous and closed it all down. Go on... give him a home before Dutch sailors put him on the barbecue.

The added benefit of Mr Skittles the Third is that if you take his royal fluffiness to a car show and perch him on your dashboard, he will help you rep the Dodo. Add one of our vinyl stickers to your window, and hey presto, you meet the requirements for our 'Scene Scheme' sponsorship programme. This can get you a discount and products. Contact us for more info.

Please note that due to Mr Skittles’ fluffy mane of microfibre hair, we suggest you keep him away from young children and pets due to the possible choking hazard.