Spray Sealant

£10.00 - £50.00 On Sale

OK, the word versatile doesn't do it justice... it can be used on all trim, side glass and metal components as well as paintwork, wet or dry. No visible residue. You can dilute it 1:1 to 1:10 depending on personal preference. Add some to a foam lance dosing bottle and spray it on. Fill up your pressure washer dosing bottle and blast it all over your car/caravan/horsey box.

It's also very durable (2-4 months longevity on daily drivers) with great beading and sheeting, although we recommend it is levelled/buffed thoroughly with a soft cloth at application because it is so strong in formulation terms. If you don't buff it with a drying towel or buffing cloth, it may cure inconsistently (leading to shiny spots or smears... if this happens, remove it with a strong solvent/panelwipe and apply a wax over the top to cover the inconsistent finish). Should you struggle to get the best from it neat, dilute it down a bit and try again. It's up to 10x stronger than similar products on the market. And if your black car with old paintwork still begs for mercy, simply re-purpose Future Armour for use as a wheel sealant. All it can do in that role is impress.

Available in:
5 Litre