Microfibre cloth wash

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One side effect of using premium microfibres like the Dodo Juice Fantastic Fur is that they get dirty.

True, a few of our customers simply frame and mount these gorgeous specimens and never dislodge a filament in anger.

But most use these microfibres to good effect, and they get, well - a bit mucky afterwards.

Now, rubbing a mucky microfibre over clean paint is going to be a 'no no' next time out.

So how do you get it clean?

Firstly, you can throw it into the washing/laundry basket, especially if another member of the household does the clothes washing.

But the danger here is that The Laundry Master may not be The Microfibre Master you need in your life.

They may use fabric softeners, fabric conditioners, powdered detergents and run the load too hot. This could be bad.

The Microfibre Master would not do this.

What The Microfibre Master would do is get some Dodo Juice Furry Liquid dedicated and fortified laundry detergent, made for your detailing microfibres.

They'd then run a 30 or 40 degree wash, depending on soiling.

And then they'd leave the fabric conditioners and softeners on the shelf in the cupboard where they belong, before tumble drying your cloths on low heat.

Furry Liquid comes in 500ml and you'll use about 50ml a load.

It is stronger than normal laundry detergents to get rid of detailing contamination, so use it on a low foam setting if your machine gives you a choice.

It could also be used for normal laundry duties if you're feeling brave.

It may even impress The Laundry Master.